Khasta Mathri: Fun taste of Indian traditional breakfast

Khasta Mathri is a traditional Indian breakfast which is loved by people in our country. It is a kind of crispy and yummy yummy biscuit which you can have with tea. Flour, salt, parsley, finely ground black pepper, musk chili, hot oil, hot water, etc. are used to make crispy mathri. It embodies a quintessential Indian flavor and is very tasty to eat.

Different Types of Khasta Mathris

khasta mathris are made in many different ways. It can be prepared in various forms, such as jeera mathri, namkeen mathri, methi mathri, green chili mathri, and spicy mathri. Each type of mathri is known for its special taste. Here we will discuss the recipe of jeera mathri, which is specially liked by the people.

Crispy Mathri Recipe


3 bowl flour

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon carom seeds

1 tsp cumin

1 teaspoon finely ground black pepper

1/2 oyster pepper

2 cups oil hot

hot water (as needed)

oil (for frying)


  1. firstly, in a big bowl, mix all purpose flour, salt, carom seeds, black peppercorns, kasturi mirch, oil hot, water hot and cumin seeds.
  2. Next, add oil to it and mix all the ingredients well. During this process, note that the oil helps to form the comarta.
  3. Now add water gradually and knead the flour mixture. Be careful and do not add a lot of water at once, keep adding water slowly.
  4. Heat oil in a wok bowl.
  5. Now, make a ball out of the kneaded flour and make small round rotis.
  6. Now deep fry the round rotis in the oil, making sure they turn golden in colour.
  7. After frying, take out the mathris and keep them on paper napkins to drain off excess oil.
  8. Prepare all mathris in this way.

Khasta mathris are ready! You can have it with cold tea or as a delicious after-dinner snack.

Khasta Mathri Flavor

Crispy Mathri is very tasty to eat. Its crisp and tight tickle makes you happy. When you put a piece in your mouth, its taste leaves freshness and fragrance on your tongue. This unique snack is also famous for its spicy and Indian mix.

Khasta Mathri is an Indian traditional breakfast which is popular in our country. It is easy to prepare and is known for its grainy taste. It tastes great with tea and having it makes your breakfast or evening time even more enjoyable.


  1. For how long can Khasta Mathri be stored?

Crispy mathris can be made and kept for 1-2 weeks.

  1. Can khasta mathri be cooked in milk while frying?

Yes, you can also prepare mathri in milk while frying the mathri. This will make the mathri even drier and its taste will be sweeter.

  1. Can even a child eat khasta mathris?

Yes, Khasta Mathri is an excellent snack for kids. It’s delicious and provides them with a healthy and fun option. However, note that you should not feed mathri with excessive oil to babies, as it can affect their digestive system.

  1. Which mathris can be served with readymade varkha or chutney?

Yes, you can use readymade work or chutney while serving Khasta Mathri. This makes it even tastier and see the variety. You can enjoy mathris with tomato chutney, green chutney, or any chutney of your choice.

  1. Can Mathri be fried in other stars also?

Yes, you can deep fry mathris in any oil of your choice. Such as cow ghee, groundnut oil, or mustard oil. This will give it a different flavor and interest it as well.

Now that you have all the major answers about Khasta Mathri, you can make it at home and enjoy it. It is a simple and delicious breakfast that you can share with your family and friends.

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